The Food Blogger Meetup

Last night, a handful of food bloggers assembled over dinner and beer at Bocktown. I called it a Pittsburgh Food Blogger Meetup and threw the group up on—mostly because it was a convenient tool for managing RSVPs and membership. Thanks to Lauren (@Burghilicious) and @iheartpgh, the event was even fairly well publicized. Even though […]

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Review: Molly Brannigan’s

Irish-themed establishments and good beer tend to go hand-in-hand, so I’m always up for giving a new one a try. Having been to only some of Pittsburgh’s Irish joints and having just survived another St Patrick’s Day, the end of March seemed like as good a time as any to give a new one a […]

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Attempting a Market District Beer Purchase

After Thursday’s trip to Market District, I was inspired to give the whole beer-in-a-Giant-Eagle thing a try. When I walked in, there was actually a big display of Christmas Ale 6 packs from Great Lakes Brewing Company. Having grown up in Ohio, I tend to get excited that particular seasonal brew: it takes me back […]

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Overview: The New Settler’s Ridge Market District

This is a tough one for me to write up. Mostly, that’s because your sense of my credibility is impaired by the fact that Giant Eagle is very clearly working to court some blogger buzz. They’re sponsoring a contest here, hosted a VIP blogger reception/tour, and sent us all home with enormous gift baskets filled […]

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Contest: Submit Your Favorite and Win

Despite what you might think, I cook for myself far more often than I go out. No really, in real life, I’m a dedicated home-cook. As you might guess from the nature of my blog, I’m a big supporter of institutions like the East End Food Co-Op, Good Apples, Whole Foods, and all the little […]

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Second Take: Bocktown Beer and Grille

Frequent readers will likely remember my earlier review from Bocktown Beer. They’ve been well-received in the community, and they really are are the type of home-spun establishment that I’d love to support. The only problem: the original menu aligned horribly with my dining preferences (or at least appeared to). That’s not to say the food […]

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Review: Eggs N’at

I don’t even remember what brought them onto my restaurant RADAR, but about a month ago I found a reference to Eggs N’at. With a name like that, I absolutely needed to make my way over to scope them out…and I’m not even a Pittsburgh native. For me, a breakfast outing requires a weekend, so […]

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Review: Bocktown Beer and Grille

note: This article has been superceded by a second, updated version after a few more visits. I have also brought the food blogger meetup to this location and written of my results here. Inspired by the appearance of East End’s LOAF, I recently made my way down to Bocktown Beer and Grille. I had been […]

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Bar Review: Pittsburgh Bottleshop Cafe

I’ve been hearing about the Pittsburgh Bottleshop Cafe on-and-off for a little while now. At least part of that is good PR on some-one’s part. You hear about them in promotions on 105.9 (you know, FM radio), and the Pittsburgh Beer Meetup was there a while back (but I didn’t get to go). Wanting to […]

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