Early Notes: Sharp Edge Downtown

People like me, who pay attention to good beer, have been eagerly awaiting the latest addition to the local beer scene: a downtown location of the Sharp Edge—prettymuch the defacto establishment for Belgian beer in Pittsburgh. Last month, the eagerly awaited new location opened its doors. Not to much later, I managed to drag a […]

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Review: Molly Brannigan’s

Irish-themed establishments and good beer tend to go hand-in-hand, so I’m always up for giving a new one a try. Having been to only some of Pittsburgh’s Irish joints and having just survived another St Patrick’s Day, the end of March seemed like as good a time as any to give a new one a […]

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Review: The Sharp Edge

I am always surprised by the number of people who have never heard of or tried The Sharp Edge. Granted, I was one of those people at some point, but my introduction was years ago in grad school. Now, I’m definitely a fan of the atmosphere and what they seem to aspire to. The food, […]

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Review: China Palace (Shadyside)

It’s time for some FoodBurgh catch-up. I’ve been hitting up a number of places in the past few weeks (new and old) that deserve a review, but have been struggling to find a chance to post. Now it’s time to push through a few quick reviews and clear the queue for next week…starting with China […]

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Review: Fathead’s Saloon

For those of you that weren’t paying attention, Fat Heads recently opened a brewpub near Cleveland (North Olmsted, to be precise). Exactly when that opening took place is unclear to me. Now, fast forward to just last week, and that North Olmstead brewpub made first place at an IPA Festival in Hayward California. If you […]

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Review: Mad Mex (North Hills)

I made my way out to Mad Mex with an old friend last week to keep up with an old friend (Sally). Partly, I wanted to catch up with Sally, but I was also looking for a solid Mad Mex compatriot to balance out a review. I knew that Sally shares my love of Mad […]

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Review: Rivertowne Pour House

As you all should have seen in my recent post, the upcoming TRASH XIX Homebrew Competition is to be judged at the Rivertowne Pour House—a brewpub out in Monroeville. I’m helping to organize that event, but I’ve actually never been to Rivertowne. Wanting to correct that situation, I invited a friend of mine out last […]

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Review: Smallman Street Deli (Squirrel Hill)

One of my favorite weekend activities is walking from my house—which is near Greenfield—all the way down, up, down, then up again to Murray avenue. It’s not really that far (1.3 miles), but this is Pittsburgh. On Saturday, after my usual reading activities at the 61C Cafe, I stopped by the Smallman Street Deli (Murray […]

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Review: Silky’s Sports Bar

I have a long history at Silky’s. I find myself over there far less frequently these days, but it was the site of a weekly Thursday night outing that I organized all through grad school. On Wednesday night, I was looking for a fun but low-key place to buy a beer and some dinner for […]

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21st Street Coffee

Luke, one of the owners of 21st St Coffee chimed in on something I said in my Voluto follow-on post. I posted a lengthy response to clarify my position on 21st St Coffee (and the meaning of the word snob). I don’t want it to get lost in the comments, so I’m going to re-post […]


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